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Bento Boxes(Unisex)

Bento Boxes(Unisex)

Bento Boxes(Unisex)

Product Code: SC0000212
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Rs. 2,499

Enjoy Your Food With The Classic Bento Box With Leakproof And Multiple Compartments. Lunch Time Will Never Be Boring Now.

Innovative Design So That All Surfaces Can Be Removed For Easy Cleaning. - 4 Individually Sealed Compartments. -

Leakproof Seals Suitable For Wet Foods. (Not Liquids) - Removable Inner Tray And Inner Lid.

- Removable Divider Provides Additional Sub Compartments(Not Leak Proof). - Clip Closure & Hinged Lid For Secure Locking And Storage.

- Promotes A Healthy And Balanced Meal. - Microwave Safe Inner Tray Only. - Reusable Design Supports A Waste Free Environment.  

4.5(H) X 21(W) X 14.5 (D)CMS