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Eschool Buddy Retail Pvt Ltd.

About Us

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What do we do?
Eschoolbuddy.com is a cutting edge and robust e-commerce platform that will allow parents, students, schools and school supply vendors to converge on a single marketplace.

We have addressed all the pain areas and have introduce the wow factor in selling & buying school uniforms, books & stationery, toys & sports goods and other accessories that students may need.

Our Core Mission: “To provide parents an online environment where shopping for school supplies is a delightful experience.

To make shopping simple, our portal enables the users to search for their school and find all items that they possibly need to go to the school shack or the market for. Isn’t that saving time and adding convenience from the word go?

We are just a market place, like a mall on the web where the official school vendors are setting up shop. We provide them with cutting edge technology and best logistic support to transact seamless business. So the uniforms you see on your school store are the ones that are delivered to you. Additionally, while sizes are accurately indicated, the size selection guide actually guides the buyers to take accurate measurements and thus select the appropriate size to make an informed purchase.
You can opt for secure online payment or cash on delivery. Not to forget the easy return and exchange policies and practices. Click to see our Payment Policy, Shipping Policy and Return Policy. That’s why we call it The Smart School Store!

All this is backed by a dedicated customer care support team, which is trained to put customer first always. We guide you through the shopping process, inform you about the status of your order and to assist you in return of goods, should that happen.

More than just an e-commerce platform, Eschoolbuddy also aims to build a community of children, parents and teachers that can have discussions, exchange of ideas, make new friends and engage in activities that can be fun as well as informative.

Who are we?
A venture of Eschool Buddy Retail Pvt. Ltd, eSchoolbuddy is brought to you by people who have a passion to serve customers as well as the society. With over 100 man years of experience in IT and Retail industry, we are well versed with handling of backend services that ensure smooth customer experience each time every time. Our experience also gives us a thorough understanding of online e-commerce platforms. Plus our commitment to ensure customer delight makes sure that we put our customers’ interests above everything.

If you wish to know more, please write in to us at info@eschoolbuddy.com.

Look forward to serving you again and again and again!!!

Have a nice day! Happy school shopping!