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Annie 14*1 Educational Solar Kit

Annie 14*1 Educational Solar Kit

Annie 14*1 Educational Solar Kit

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"Annie 14in1 Solar Kit Robot DIY Kit

Solar Engery Has Never Been So Fun ! An Innovative Solar Science Kit that encourags childern to exercise their sense of creativity and imagination. Build 14 different mini solar robotic toys that are fun to play with and educational. It feature all snap together Plastic parts (No Screws, No Tools Required), Solar Panel And Accessories. It is incredibly east to assemble the 14 different working models Including a multitude of comical and function movements. The user can easily changes from a wagging -Tail Dog>Running Beetle>Walking Crab>Surfer>Speedster>Zomble Chaser....The Robot Kit Provides Unique Accessories (Included) And Parts that Makes The Robot Move On Land And Water

There Are two levels in building the Robot Kit. Level One Includes : Turtle-Bot, Beetle-Bot, Quadru-Bot, Boat-Bot, Walker-Bot, Dog-Bot And Wheel-Bot. After they amuse themselves with the entry level, can challenge their maniplulative skills with second level: Roly Poly-Bot,Auto-Bot, Slither-Bot, Surf-Bot, Zombie-Bot, Crab-Bot And Row-Bot. Additional feature Includes: Adjustable Polarity on the solar panel to change direction of motor rotation, retractable robot head which can be installed in the front, top or rear of the gearbox,and a transparent housing to see the movements of the gears. An excellent building kit designed to teach kids about solar enagery in a fun way .

Green Engery

Create 14 Different Working Models

Safe Eco Friendly & Educational.

Learn The Concept of Solar Energy

Suitable for School Science Projects

No Batteries Required Only Solar Powered

Educational Do It Yourself Kit (DIY) Robot

Science Series Solar Engery

Environmental. Educational. Enjoyable

Age 8+