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Annie 6 in 1 Solar Recycler

Annie 6 in 1 Solar Recycler

Annie 6 in 1 Solar Recycler

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    Easy to assemble as no tools are required.
    No batteries are required to run the toy.
    Teaches children how to convert waste materials into useful & innovative things.
    Motivates to children to learn the concept of clean and green solar energy.
    Safe , educational and eco-friendly.
    Most suitable for school science projects.

Age : 10+

Description:  Don’t   throw the used empty water bottles, old CDs and DVDs and beverage cans. Instead of wasting them make 6 different models of solar robots by assembling all plastic parts along with solar panel and all other accessories as per instructions to build incredibly easy to assemble 6 different modules Drummer Robot, CD Racer, Walking Robot, Bottle Yacht, Street Roller and Flying Bird.

Alternative source of energy is the future! So now is the perfect time to make our children aware of it in fun way. The excellent kit designed to teach children about the concept of solar energy while they create the toy. This kit is designed to teach how solar power is used to drive a small motor. They will also learn the advantage of natural resources (Sun Energy). This kit will also help in improving their science knowledge, mental and practice ability while they assemble the toy."